Software controlling the distribution of internet among users on a wireless network?

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    Firstly I want to apologize just in case I am writing this in the wrong forum.
    I don't know much about internet/software and have no idea of the correct terminology to use in this post so please bear with me.

    I live in Beijing. We have an ADSL connection installed in our apartment and a wireless modem that distributes internet between the computer in my room and the computer in my flatmate's room (the network is secured). Recently my friend came over with his PC to use the internet and informed me that my flatmate had installed software on his computer controlling the amount of internet he receives and the amount of internet I receive, therefore controlling the speed of my internet. He said that under the current settings it was very much in my flatmate's favour, and then proceeded to "counter-attack" using the software installed on his own PC. Within seconds he suddenly had very fast internet on his computer. I assume all of this software is Chinese since nobody else in this apartment speaks English.

    I actually had no idea that this kind of software existed and it seems rather rude considering that my flatmate and I are both paying the same amount in internet fees that he should decide who gets how much internet.

    Is there anywhere online that I can find software for Macs to "counter-attack" this sort of thing? My internet has been exceptionally slow lately (I almost never download movies or music) and I know my flatmate's been downloading a lot of movies, it seems very unfair that it takes me 30-60 seconds to open up hotmail and it's all under his control.

    Cheers and thanks for your help
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    It sounds like the QoS function on the router is being used, not a particular application on the computer.

    If so, remove all QoS rules, change the password on the router, and then you can see what comes of it.
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