Software corrupt or is iPad fried?

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    Aug 21, 2014
    I have an iPad mini 2 (A1489) that I am trying to figure out if I am wasting time or if it can be fixed.

    I am trying to restore it and have tried

    where you put it in DFU mode and the iTunes cable link loads up. I was getting various Error codes. Usually I received error codes saying it couldn't be restored and to try another computer. I have tried 2 other computers. I also received error code 21

    possible hardware issue.

    list of error codes

    The other day I did get it to restore. However, once it opened up and restored successfully, the iPad crashed and restarted every time I unlocked it from the lock screen. This research mentioned an error with the springboard.

    Since I am getting various errors, Now there are lines that go through the apple symbol that keeps flashing. Do you believe it is a hardware issue and it is not possible to fix?

    Latest is 4005:

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    From the links you sent and the very well may be hardware related at this point. If it was strictly software you'd be able to get back to "new" some way. Just my opinion.

    Is it under warranty, by chance? Perhaps Apple would be nice and fix it for a reduced cost or whatever? Worth a shot.

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