Software for building home inventory lists (insurance purposes)

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    Can anyone recommend any software that will help me build and maintain a list of home inventory for insurance purposes? Ideally it will sync to multiple computers and the cloud (automatically) for backup. Enable me to group items into different categories and rooms. And generate itemised documents that can easily be converted into PDFs, Emails or Printed Documents for submitting actual insurance claims (hopefully I'll never need to do it).

    I found Compartments ( that gets mixed reviews. I'm going to test it out later, but before I invest too much time in that I wondered if anyone had any better recommendations.

    Any suggestions?
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    Numbers 09 has a template built in for Insurance Inventories.
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    Numbers is a good idea (especially if you have iWorks). Bento has a template for inventories as well but supports image fields so that you can include photos of the items. There's also an iPad and iPod version of Bento that syncs with desktop Bento which could be helpful in moving from room to room taking inventory.
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