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Jul 17, 2008
Hello all,

I need some software for organising references and citations in research papers that I will be writing and for my phd. They will be legal papers and so citations for cases etc that meet the bluebook standard is needed. Endnote is ok but doesn't do bluebook citations, there is citrus a program that does do bluebook -but doesn't work on mac - I was wanting to know if there is an all in one kinda program that any other lawyers / researchers out there could recommend for mac

Many thanks
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May 14, 2011
I haven't come across any program that supports bluebook, and given the complexity of legal citations, and the relatively small number of mac users who would use this citation style, I would be surprised if any of the programs supported it. However, I do live in a different jurisdiction [and therefore don't use the bluebook style], so I could be wrong. Try asking other students and lecturers at your uni.

I suppose you could run windows on your mac via Boot Camp, and use the windows program you know. Or maybe there's an online tool?

If not, just get a copy of the style guide and keep up with it as you go. It's an incredibly boring [and at times frustrating] task, but it's not too bad if you work out the proper citations as you work.


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Aug 29, 2010
It's relatively easy to create a given style in Bookends. I've done it for OSCOLA, the most popular legal referencing standard in England. You can also do the same with Endnote and Sente, as far as I know, but Bookends seems to be the most intuitive (to me). Of course, the ease of insertion into your chosen word processor will depend upon which word processor you have chosen to use.

[P.S. I'm a law prof.]
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