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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by 0boolean1, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. 0boolean1 macrumors newbie

    Nov 24, 2006
    I'm trying to build a home theatre system with multiple zones for my home, and I'd like to use a mac as the control for the whole thing. In theory, it would be based around a macMini, and would go macMini -> eyeTV HDTV tuner -> HDMI or DVI -> my HDTV.

    So... my question is about the audio side of things. is there some sort of hardware peripheral I could buy that would allow me to use my mac as a receiver? that is, this mystery box would have a series of component ins and outs that would allow it to function like a regular receiver, but would be controlled from the mac.

    Does this make any sense? I think I'm confusing myself more by writing it. Bottom line, I'm looking to create some sort of computer-controlled home audio system.


    Thanks in advance,
  2. trainguy77 macrumors 68040

    Nov 13, 2003
    Well all you need is some type of receiver which connects via optical out. This will play all the sound that comes from the mac mini.
  3. 0boolean1 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 24, 2006
    Okay, I'm looking at a couple of high-end a/v recievers. What are some ways, or the best way, to connect my mac mini to a receiver allowing the mini to be an itunes slave for my house? does some sort of USB or firewire to HDMI conversion cable exist?

    Thanks again,

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