Software to be able to sketch like Sal from KhanAcademy

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  1. ZuroPxi macrumors newbie

    Jul 11, 2014
    Does anyone know what is the software that Sal from KhanAcademy use to do the sketches he does in his tutorial videos for the Mac? I know that he used yours on Windows and I also find Sketchbook Express to be somewhat similar but is there any other better suggestions?
  2. onekerato macrumors regular

    Jun 6, 2011
    To create Khan Academy style videos:

    On the Mac, you can use Zengobi Curio + wacom graphics tablet to write on a "whiteboard", where each whiteboard is like a slide in a presentation. So, you can have multiple sequential whiteboards. Plus, you need an app like ScreenFlow (or Camtasia or ScreenFlick or any other) to capture the screen & audio narration together.

    On the iPad, you can use the "Explain Everything" app. Combine it with a regular or precision stylus for the iPad if you need it. You can also any iPad drawing app + project the iPad screen to your Mac using AirServer or Reflection app, and do screen capture on the Mac. These options avoid the need for a dedicated Wacom graphics tablet.

    Other platforms: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 inch+ tablets have an s-pen stylus, and Explain Everything for Android works quite well on those. On the Surface Pro from Microsoft (comes with stylus) you can combine Snagit or Camtasia with PowerPoint or OneNote to create these videos. The stylus of both Samsung s-pen and Surface Pro are powered by Wacom technology.


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