Software to create divx from vob


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Apr 27, 2003
Sheffield, UK
This is not a question about pirating DVD's. I have a large collection of films on DVD and want to be able to convert them into divx files so that I can store a couple at a time on my iBook for when I am away on my all to frequent business trips. It is a real pain in the ass having to take the actual disks with me and creating a disk image takes up to much room. I know there is software to convert vob files to dvix for the Windows platform, is there any software for the Mac?


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Apr 14, 2002
Sydney, Australia
Handbrake is totally easy to use but the quality isn't really upto scratch. I'd use ffmpegx. They have comprehensive user guides on their site. Also, if space isn't an issue (though it probably is on your laptop), you could use something like MacTheRipper to just extract the raw data off dvds, removing the encryption.

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