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    Hello. I have been using Matlab and Excel to plot graphs for academic papers. While both are good applications for plotting simple graphs with 3 or less curves in each graph, I run out of line styles and color when I try to plot many curves on the same graph. The situation is worsen when it is required that all the curves be in black and white. Do you know of good applications (freeware and commercial) that allow can provide nice looking graphs with lots of choices of line styles? Thanks.
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    Jul 17, 2002
    Matlab is a computational tool. Excel is a spreadsheet that absolutely sucks at graphing functions and data. There are numerous graphing apps for the Mac. My recommendations is roughly my order of preference:
    1. KaleidaGraph—a combination of power and ease of use that is hard to beat. KG is primarily for scientific graphs. For the most part, KG preserves the UI paradigm of CricketGraph, the first Mac graphing app.
    2. DeltaGraph—Produces just about the most beautiful 2-D and 3-D graphs imaginable. Its power approaches that of KaleidaGraph. DG is equally adept at business as it is at scientific graphs. Historically, it has been the graphing app of choice for graphing Excel data.
    3. Igor Pro—A graphing orienting scientific/engineering computation environment. It is capable of producing reference book-quality graphs. Its scripting language may make for a steep learning curve for some applications. If you do signal processing, then there is probably no better charting app than IP. This only scratches the surface of its capabilities.
    4. pro Fit—Rivals the functionality of IP at a much smaller price.
    5. OmniGraphSketcher—Enables just about anyone to produce graphs that replicate the look and feel of graphs produced by professional graphic artists.
    6. plot—Think of it as a free albeit slightly less functional alternative to OmniGraphSketcher.
    7. DataGraph—The other DG. Inexpensively produces nice-looking graphs.
    8. Abscissa—A free graphing app that rivals the functionality of many commercial applications.
    9. Veusz—An opensource graphing and computational environment that replicates the functionality of Origin.
    By no means does this list exhaust the charting and graphing apps available to Mac users. The takeaway message is that you have many options on the Mac for developing graphs.
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    Jul 23, 2007
    Thank you very much for all of your recommendations.

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