Software to Send a Fax over the internet?


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Mar 20, 2007
I know this get's asked now and then, but I'm wondering if any software has come out that would allow you to send a fax over the internet from your mac yet?

I don't even have a dial up phone, so something like this would be great.



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Apr 12, 2007
j2 ( is your best bet for online faxing on the Mac --

You need to pay though, its $15/month, plus a few cents a page I believe.

You download j2 messenger, you can use a free account and have a free fax number, but you can only receive faxes on it, to send faxes you need to upgrade and pay the monthly fee.


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Jul 19, 2003
Gulf Coast of Florida
I've used and liked eFax

I've used and liked eFax. They'll give you your own fax number for free. The only downside is they will send you some advertising emails from time to time. Also, there is a limit on how many pages you can send for free every month.

If you just want to send a fax, get one back, and reply by fax, I'd say eFax would meet that need very well -- again, for free.

Edit: I just noted the part about not having a phone at home. Not sure if eFax will work for sending. Might be a receipt-only situation.


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Mar 16, 2007
eFax in Intel Mac.

I have had eFax for a while on a PC. They have some very old OS-X 10.1 software, but nothing for the new Intel Macs (that would interface with Address Book etc). Which is a shame. Also, they will not let you port out your exisiting eFax number to another service.