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    Hi all, I've been using a Mac for a couple of months after using a Windows computer all of my life. I've got the Windows security traits in my blood still as I'm worried about malware etc... I am a clean freak to so I am constantly cleaning software and hardware of anything I may find!

    I have a few issues at the minute. I never used to get pop-ups with FireFox on Windows but I'm noticing a few Windows staying open with adverts on and it's a bit of an alert to be honest. Is there further software to clean any issues I may get from web browsing? Does Mac get malware? Does it need pruning at all?

    Someone put my little mind to rest, thank you :rolleyes:;)
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    Popups, pop-unders, and the like are not malware, they're adware. While annoying, they're not dangerous. Assuming you're using Safari, just set the preference to block them. Firefox for Mac has the same capability. Otherwise, just close them. Don't click links telling you that you have a virus or offer to scan your computer. Use common sense and a little skepticism when browsing. This applies regardless of the platform or browser.

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    It looks nice to me. Just the content arrangement, make some improvements.

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