Software update caked startup disk?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by umop-3plsdn, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. umop-3plsdn macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2009
    Hello all, I posted this yesterday, as my first post, and I guess it was deleted ....
    If I am missing something about posting, could someone message me? THX

    I recently retrieved access to my old mac [g4 dual 500] that I had lost passwords for and which had been dormant for awhile.
    I did this by starting in single user and creating a new admin account.
    [starting the whole intro again and everything]

    Once back in, I could reset the passwords for the old accounts jsut fine.
    So I was ready to switch users and clean up shop. I had planned to get this machine running in my studio again, and wanted to reset it as much as possible. I should also mention that it had a slaved drive that had only 38 MB left out of 40GB [wasn't my doing ;)]
    Before switching users, answered the call of the Software updater.

    Software Update had a version of[?] ready to install, so I clicked OK, and waited. I have no original disks for this machine, and have no clue what my roommates that shared it with me had done in a couple years. So for all I know, there was another OS upgrade done in the last couple years that I wasn't aware of ... anyway, here's what happened:

    The machine rebooted with no chime, [was already silent before]
    it then hung on the gray Apple, and the spinner never came up ...
    even after an hour.
    I am unable to invoke any keyboard commands while it is in this state.
    I couldn't enter Single User ...
    I couldn't zap the NVRAM ...
    I couldn't enter Open Firmware ...
    I couldn't boot from CD.

    I'll spare the details of trying to boot from CD ...
    I reset the CUDA button [or whatever it's called nowadays, PMU?]
    That didn't do a thing, replaced battery too, nada.

    I had another old G4 with 10.2.8 on it.
    I booted from that drive finally, and ran Disk Utility to verify and repair the original disk and permissions by setting it to slave and re-selecting the 10.2 drive as the startup disk from a CD boot.
    [ok, maybe I WON'T spare you the details of the CD booting ;P]
    Everything reported back as having been done successfully by the disk utility.
    It still won't boot, but now the spinner at least comes up and sits forever ... I left it overnight to be sure.
    I DID notice though, that it said "Thread count is 26, and should be 3".
    After running the utility a couple more times to make sure, it still found that thread count difference, but also still said right afterwards that "the disk has been repaired".

    Any ideas?
    I can navigate the drive fine as a slave, is there a way I can do something by hand?


    Thanks for helping folks!
  2. umop-3plsdn thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2009
    No ideas?

    A friend suggested that maybe people might think I'm asking for help to break into a computer ...
    That's totally not the case, I have full access to the entire disk already, I just can't tell why the thing won't boot from that disk now.


    I can now invoke all keyboard commands at boot.

    any help?

    thanks again.
  3. umop-3plsdn thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2009
    I finally found a .DMG that is supposed to be used on that generation Mac in order for 10.4 to work correctly. How would I apply a patch to a folder that isn't booting tho?

    Any insight would be great ... These machines have deffinately paid for themselves, but I still would like to avoid a new OS purchase for a computer that. It was Apple that screwed the system with a software update, for the price of a new copy of OSX, i cold get an even faster G4 with it already installed.

    Please help!
    ANY ideas what could have happened?

    Dependencies of a slave volume?
    [i DID read somewhere that software update should be applied to a SINGLE disk configuration only, not sure how true that is ...]

    Any ideas of what I can rule out at least?


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