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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Starhorsepax, Apr 10, 2012.

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    I originally posted elsewhere but I'm concerned it'll spread to Itunes. My software update keeps giving me a network error when I try to install. It reads the updates but won't install. I've been installing through the support site (which sometimes doesn't work, sometimes it redirects to the mac store).

    I get this message in console: Software Update[3868] Notice SWU: downloading "iTunes, 10.6.1" AE73491F-6431-48FA-A4EF-B19C27083443 FAILURE: zzzz041-4793 failure 0.53531 0 130723255 Software Update NSURLErrorDomain, -3001

    Anyone know how to fix this? I've repaired disc and disc permissions. The internet on my end is working fine. :confused:
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    It looks like the signature validation is failing. Apple's software certificate recently expired and any updates signed with the old certificate would fail like this. My guess is, the update got downloaded in the background before it happened and enough time went by for the signature to be invalid.

    Downloaded updates are stored in /Library/Updates. Make sure software update is closed and empty that folder. Nothing in there won't simply be re-downloaded.
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    Well, I tried that and I didn't work. The only thing I did try that worked was trying it from work instead of home. Yet the internet at home is obviously working. Could my network provider be blocking Apple Software update somehow? :confused:

    We have Centurylink and it's a 2 Wire gateway router.

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