Softwares Advice:Mac OX 10.4. VS Mac OX 10.5.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Jayhove, Sep 6, 2008.

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    If a CD full of softwares was created on an IMac using Mac OX 10.4.1 and when I tried retrieve/download those softwares onto my new Macbook using OX 10.5.4 why the CD reads empty. To explain more I have a CD with a few softwares that was created on Imac Mac OX 10.4.1 and I'm having problem opening the CD on my new Mac Book. Everytimes I tried to open the CD on the Macbook it says empty. But I can see all the softwares on the IMac not the Macbook. So please let me know how I can make my new mack book read the CD created from the IMac. What I need to do? Is is it possible to do? I need those softwares and I don't know how to download them onto the mac book because I have no way of getting to them.

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    Does your iMac have a firewire port? You could use a firewire 400 cable and link your iMac and Macbook together. Then proceed to transfer all the files you want. :) Just boot one computer in target disk mode and you're good to transfer.

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