Solar power charger for MacBook:for Peace Corps-can anyone help

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by elaine711, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Sep 4, 2008
    My son is going to Africa with the Peace Corps. I am looking for best product to solar power his MacBook - it is so confusing to me - I called Mac and they suggested I look on - I had also found a site
    I am having difficulty following the voltage/charger/ even with the directions on a site like -

    Now that my head is spinning, while searching I came across this site and thought perhaps someone here has already done the research and purchased the correct equipment so it would not ruin his laptop ?

    Since Mac is the one who referred me to quickertek should I just go with them and assume they know what they are doing? although I also came across some 'blogs' or comments somewhere that didn't seem pleased either...

    If anyone has any helpful information or guidance, this mother would greatly appreciated it - in his Peace Corps packet it simply says laptops have been convenient for reports, assignment requirements, etc and be prepared in case you are in location with no or little electricity: no advice on solar chargers b/c I assume everyone's laptop, photo equip, etc requires different set ups....
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    Oct 3, 2006
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    Oct 16, 2007
    some 'been there' advice

    I took my laptop to the Ivory Coast in '99 when I participated in the Peace Corps. It lasted 2 weeks before it was stolen.

    My advise? Assume it will get stolen & get a old cruddy ibook clamshell off ebay for him to take (although putting a wireless card it it might be useful). He will only use it for email and writing anyways [if he can get a wireless signal]. No need for the zippiest, fastest thing on the market when you're teaching children in the bush that don't have access to much more than a digital calculator and a guy who rents his cell phone to the locals.

    Just my observations. In the end, I ended up learning how to use a mechanical typewriter for most everything. A ipod with a solar charger would however, be great.
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    Sep 4, 2008
    Theotherguy: thanks - his sister got him this small, propellor looking charger that will charge his IPod and whatever cheap cell phone he purchases over there - doing that seems to be on every peace corps volunteers "bring list" these day s- he may even have electricity - he thought he'd like the laptop for reports and his journal. They are also told they can leave their laptops in the peace corps main office where they will get mail, etc (which he may only go to once a month or less) - and use them to log into their email/travel blog and print reports then.... but it does seem lots of peace corps volunteers use their laptops these days - but have had difficulty charging - the "Mac juicz" one seems to be the best so far.... we may wait so I have more time to investigate and if he needs one, i can bring when i visit about 8 mths after he is there -
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    There will be a lot of references for to look up...don't just rely for one thing..
    I experience like that when I try to find the information about Solar Power Melbourne and just rely for one source..but then as I go on..there are sites that talking about I learned.
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    Oct 31, 2010
    going off what theotherguy said... you could even grab a cheap PC too... i mean sure this is a mac forum, but keep in mind, PC's aren't crap either. they are reliable too. not as stylish and stable as Apple, but it's still a great machine nevertheless.
    netbooks? what screen size does your son have? but like theotherguy
    said the ibooks aren't bad. look into both, buy the cheapest one :p or something

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