Sold iPhone 5s and iCloud problem

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    Hi! i sold an iphone 5S with ios 8.0 i did a full reset within the i logged into my icloud in the option find my iphone showed my iphone but not current location so i clicked delete this iphone and it looks like a iphone is offline .But when im going to icloud settings options the iphone is still appear.And it say it uses ios 8.0.So my question is it possible to remove it and did that person have a access to my apple account ? for example contacts etc.I did a full reset.I tried on non mac pc and the same thing.


    Best regards ! and waiting for fast reply.
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    My 5 showed up for awhile. I deleted it. After logging in to FMI on all my devices, it finally went away. Good luck.
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    Thank you for fast reply.So i don't have to worry :)
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    clicking on erase all content and settings on the phone should remove it from your iCloud account

    clicking on erase phone from does not remove the device from iCloud you still have to click on remove iPhone

    apple is recommending people log off iCloud before erasing. they even ask you now to turn off iMessages and facetime just to ensure you no longer get messages or calls there.

    apple also has your apple support profile and your iPhone might be listed there so you can go there and remove it, but i don't know if apple uses that information for anything

    the weird thing is, is i did a log off iCloud, erase all content and settings on my iPhone 5, and it still shows up as a device under find friends to be tracked on and i have no idea how to remove it from there

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