Tablets Sold my iPad2 and need advice


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Aug 13, 2011
Hello all,

I recently sold my iPad2 and now I am in need of a tablet(either 7" or 10") that can be used to import PDF files, ePubs, and other types of ebooks that is reliable, a quality-enough build, and inexpensive. I don't need all the features that the iPad can offer since I need this solely for reading longer selections for school.

Is there a good device out there that can easily sync files either through iTunes or Finder? Thanks for any help.


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Aug 14, 2006
Nexus 7. Its small, light and honestly the best android tablet out there right now.


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Jan 9, 2011
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Nexus 7. Its small, light and honestly the best android tablet out there right now.
Yep, this. But be ready to inspect for 2 flaws. One is with a screen flicker. This isn't very common and appears there is a software patch. The other is people have complained about the glass bezel having the potential to slightly raise in one area. (by slightly, I mean half a mm). If you happen to have an issue Google is just as good as Apple with a replacement.

Also be prepared for a 7" screen. The entire Nex7 is almost exactly half the size of an iPad, when you lay the Nex7 on top of the ipad.

These are the common negatives. There are a ton of positives. I like Google Wallet and the $25 you get into your account when you order a Nex7. Gets you started on the app journey. And Google gift cards started rolling out today at local Targets and a few other places.

Or wait for the ipad mini which releases in Oct. That may not get the retina screen or a lot of memory, but if it is 200 bucks, a lot will get sold.