Sold my MacBook pro a year ago...

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by abuleban, Sep 22, 2011.

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    So just under a year ago, I sold my MacBook pro to an acquaintance. I erased everything, reinstalled a new OS, showed her how to use it, and pretty much just went on with my life. But ever since then I get occasional phone calls that seem to imply that something is wrong with it, but never any specifics. One day I stopped by her place, took a look at it & everything seemed in order. Then, last night I get another phone call from her, after which I call back and pretty much tell her that I'm done with it; she bought it, it's hers and she has to real with it herself. Of course, she was very upset and has accused me of selling her an old computer, which I think she means by that a broken computer, as it was clearly a used one when I sold it. I worked fine when I sold it, and I would bet that whatever problem she is having had to do with her lack of computer experience.

    So, I'm pretty much walking away from this, but suggestions/advice would be welcome!

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    use it yourself, see if theres any problems. Run a hardware test, I dunno stuff like that.
    I would say the same thing, when she bought it, it was working fine, its a entire year older now than it was, and electronics can crap out at any time. My friend bought a new MacBook Pro and the Logic board and HDD died within the first two weeks. It can happen and she needs to realise that.
    Its not your fault and perhaps it isn't hers either. If you find an issue lets say HDD or RAM, easy to replace and cheap. But if there isn't a hardware problem or software, then it could be how she is using it.
    Maybe try and help her, but don't invest money or take it back. Its her computer now, and just like when you buy a computer from a stranger there are no returns unless specified.
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    The-Pro has a good answer.

    For me, I don't sell old stuff to people I know.
    I usually sell a product that still has warranty left.
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    Never sell to friends or relatives. That's rule number one.

    If you do, (as you have) the right thing to do is to help her.

    Obviously she doesn't know what she is doing and you do. So as much as you would love to walk away, if you do it will come back to haunt you at some point in time.

    You knew full well what her skill level was when you sold it, you took her money and benefited from it. So you owe her the courtesy of helping out.

    Chalk it up as a lesson learned. Have patience and do the right thing.

    And _that_ will come back to you :)
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    Same rule here on don't sell stuff to people I know and even more so to friends. If I do sell it to a friend it will generally be way under market value.

    The expection to this rule is textbooks but that is more because the market gives us a really easy win win price point.
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    I'm an Austronaut
    Maybe she wants to be more than an acquaintance to you.
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    How old was the computer when you sold it to her?

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