Solitaire * - 36 free Solitaire games on the iPad

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    Solitaire * is the newest Solitaire card game developed and published by PiPlay with 36 free games to play on the iPad (also available on the iPod Touch and iPhone).

    Over 1,000 positive reviews (majority of the reviews from users)


    Tired of cheesy free solitaire apps? Finally, a free solitaire that really gives all out! Solitaire * is all out cool with its brilliant graphics and sleek and simple use of animation and generous rich supply of free games - all in one app!


    - 36 Free Games
    - Addicting gameplay
    - Auto-complete moves option
    - Auto-resume to last display
    - Auto-save all games
    - Facebook and Twitter score-share links
    - Favorite games option
    - Fully detailed statistics
    - Game seed assignment option
    - Game rules supplied
    - Handy Undo function
    - iPod full-control panel
    - Revolving views
    - Sound effects and adjustable volume control
    - Superb graphics and animation
    - Supports Openfeint for highest scores worldwide
    - Uninterrupted iPod music playback
    - View-Scaling "Zooming" support

    Go to for more information on their games.

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    Very nice information !!! really this game is very good that even we can play this game in the iPod too. Now i have to start playing this game. Everyone will play the games in the IPod, so this game is very interesting to play.

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