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    I've been doing a lot of research in NAS and using a Mac mini as a media box. I am having trouble finding out whether a certain combination of devices can help with achieve my ideal set up. What I would like is:

    - Mac mini as the base station to host all the media files: music, movies, photos
    - NAS of some kind - either Drobo or a more traditional NAS - to be connected to the mini
    - An easy way where any computer (either desktop or laptop or iPhone) to share the media; for an iPhone, it has to be an easy way to sync for updates, playlists, etc...
    - I have an Airport Extreme BS already but I'd prefer for the media to be transfered via gigabit ethernet (as opposed to the USB interface on the AEBS)
    - To be able to hook up to the TV (video/audio)

    I thought the following *might* work:
    - Mac Mini hooked up to Drobo or some other NAS
    - Mac Mini iTunes, photo, and movie gallery will be configured
    - Plex to be installed on the mini
    - Mini hooked up to my TV
    - Remote into the Mini if I need anything

    Is this ok?
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