Solution: Installing Windows 7/Vista 64-bit on MBP, hangs at "Windows loading files"

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    May 18, 2009
    PROBLEM: Windows 64-bit install hangs at "Windows loading files" (Skip to solution if you are lazy)

    VER: Bought the MBP April 2009
    OS: Windows XP PRO SP3
    CPU: 2,93Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    GPU: Geforce 9600M GT
    HDD: Apple SM128 SSD (128GB)
    RAM: 4GB
    OS: Windows XP SP3

    I ran Windows XP SP3 and only that, I had uninstalled Mac OS X since I did not need it. Then I tried to install Windows 7, for a couple of reasons stated below, and it did not work. What happened was that I did not get very far in the setup. I tried to boot from the CD and got to the part where it said "Windows is loading files", and there it frooze. I tried the CD on another computer, a PC, and it worked fine so the CD was alright.

    When I ran the Windows setup on in the "Command Prompt Mode" I got to the point where it said "Windows loaded file XXXXXX\disk.sys" and then everything frooze, this is the last file that copies from the Windows 7/Vista 64-bit boot CD before the CD starts booting up the actual setup

    I tried installing Windows 7 64-bit in VMWare, in other words, in an emulated enviroment, and it worked fine. Wtf?

    Then figured it out...

    When using only Windows XP on a MacBook Pro the EFI (replacement of the old BIOS) emulates BIOS in order for Win XP to be able to boot. In order for this to happen the hard drive have to have partition the hard drive using an Master Boot Record. Win 64-bit/Mac OSX uses a better partitioning type, called GPT (GUID Partition Table). THAT was the problem. I quote wikipedia "EFI uses GPT whereas BIOS uses a Master Boot Record".

    When installing a 64-bit Windows version you CANNOT do that on a hard drive that uses the old MBR-system while your computer uses EFI instead of BIOS, according to Microsoft themselves. You have to have a hard drive partitioned using a GUID Partition Table. It just does not work.

    Why Windows 64-bit?
    So why did I want to install Win 7 64-bit? Because I have 4GB of RAM installed and Windows 32-bit can only support ~3GB, on my computer 2,7GB. Also, I have an SSD hard drive and they are supposed to be more optimised for Windows 7. Furthermore my Boot Camp did not work fully so the keyboard and trackpad were not functioning the way they should, I could not right click, not use the function keys etc.

    SOLUTION: I booted my Mac OS DVD and formatted the hard drive using the Disk Utility, then I partitioned it using the GPT (GUID Partition Table), then I rebooted my computer, held the mousebutton down during bootup so that the DVD would eject (no manual eject in MBP, and no drivers installed when you just have formatted the hard drive), then I installed Windows 7 without any problems at all. However note that when you choose where to install Windows 7, you will probably see 3 partitions on your hard drive (created in the Mac OS X installtion), DELETE ALL THESE and just format the hard disk as usual when installing Windows.

    Good luck!
  2. d2catman macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2010
    Clarification on your solution

    Does this mean you have to format the entire hard drive? I.E., you have to reinstall Mac OS too?

    Or can you simply use the Mac OS DVD Disk Utility to format only the windows boot camp partition?

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