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    iCloud Music Library

    Like many others here I have been plagued with issues surrounding iCloud Music Library including duplicating songs, playlists being muddled and errors. I have been receiving some brilliant support from Apple over the last few days and I think we have come to a solution. I have tried to make a step-by-step guide to see if it works with any of you.

    1) Create a backup of your entire iTunes folder in Music. This can be on Time Machine or locally. Before closing this library, make a note of number of songs and size of library.
    2) Quit iTunes. We are now going to create a new iTunes Library. Do this by alt+clicking on iTunes in the the dock. Select the option to create a new library. Name it whatever you want.
    3) When it opens, click yes to using iCloud Music Library
    4) Allow everything to do its work here. Leave it until it has finished.
    5) Only your purchased songs should have been brought down into your library. This is what happened for me. It also restored some relatively incomplete playlists. I deleted them.
    6) Re-add all your other songs to your library. This can be done by simply with cmd+O. Find your old iTunes Music folder (should have a list of artists in folders) and click open.
    7) Allow iTunes to do its work processing all the songs and adding them. Once it is done, verify number of songs is similar to your old library's total (in the adding process it tries to remove any duplicates)
    8) Once added, iCloud Music Library will do its work. Having had so many issues with it in the last few days, this time it actually worked for me. Leave it to completely sync your library. This will take time depending on your internet connection.
    9) Quit iTunes. Open your old library by double clicking the .itl file in your old library. Follow these instructions to export your playlists:
    10) Quit iTunes, open you new library. Import your playlists using the same instructions.
    11) Allow iCloud to sync

    This should now be it all set up. Next is your phone and iPad.

    1) Open Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage>Music>Edit then delete all songs
    2) Verify all songs have been deleted by opening the music app
    3) Now turn on iCloud Music Library in Music Settings. This should load everything in from the cloud.
    4) You can now select which playlist you want to store offline.

    I hope this helps people who have had the same issue as me. If it doesn't work, I am really sorry. Let's just hope Apple find a solution for this soon!
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    Woops, seemed like you made a typo.
    iCloud Music library, not Photo ;)
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    Good spot!

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