SOLVED App icon png's are blank when copied to desktop for modifying

Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by 3282868, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Trying to manually mod my iPad, and I've been able to modify the iPad's native applications. However, for the applications I have downloaded and need to modify, the png's that I copy onto my desktop to alter are all blank. No matter what program I use, they all are blank. I must be doing something wrong. I've googled it for hours and haven't found any solution. Thanks to any one who can help! :)

    Update, I finally found this information online:

    What png editing program (Photoshop CS5 for example) can read these compressed png's?

    Update: After hours of searching, I found a great OS X application called iPhonePNGApp, it will convert iPhone/iPod/iPad Application png's to readable/editable format. If you want to simply edit/alter some app's instead of starting from scratch, it's a great way to simply copy, convert, edit and upload the new png.
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    This is great to know when I was doing this I was like WTF there all blank but know thanks to u I know
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    Took google about 30 minutes before it showed me this post/solution. I was just about to tear my hairs out. But I was NOT going to give up easily, and I guess it paid off. BTW, thanks bedifferent.

    I'm going to add some more search-friendly strings here in the event that someone else faces the same situation.

    For iPhone iPad png or icon replacement:
    Issue: After SSH or using PhoneView/iPhone Explorer, the png file that appears in app bundle is empty. That is, it has a blank thumbnail in the Finder, and opening it in Preview contains nothing. Photoshop also indicates that the file is corrupt. When one tries to open the PNGs from the app bundle and/or transfer them to the desktop, Preview just shows empty windows.

    Science: Files are compressed using pngcrush or so by the app developer.

    Solution: See bedifferent's post above.

    And, you're welcome.

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