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    I recently purchased an iPad 3 from the Marketplace here, and we made an interesting discovery with it, which the seller solved very quick. It's due to a legitimate Apple security feature. The iPad was used by a registered Apple Developer. When registered to an Apple ID for Dev use, the iPad becomes locked to that account. When stolen, taken, or sold to another user, the iPad must be removed from the Managed Devices list it was registered to by the original owner.

    Since the iPad was Erased & Restored by the owner before being removed from the list, the iPad itself jumped in to action - as it thought it was being wiped by a thief. The security feature kicked it, and upon Activation, the iPad asked for the original email address of the previous owner. Even after a DFU Restore, the need for the original owner's email address remained.

    I was on the phone with Apple for an hour and a half. For many I talked to, this was a bizarre issue that shouldn't exist. One guy even said it may have had a custom store display or education version of iOS, but that it was a way-out-there possibility. The final guy I talked to, a lead tech, said that there was only one solution to this feature - contact the seller. It's a feature that should exist.

    The seller got back to me in no time, I logged in, and it was good. When logged in, since it was then removed from his device list, I did another Erase & Restore. We were good! A blank, fresh, brand new iPad 3! :)

    The feature should be included in iOS 7 for all users. It was discussed in the Keynote, but I never knew it already existed in some form. Hope this discussion helps!

    The original Marketplace thread can be found here - iPad 3 with Applecare, 120GB iPod classic...
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    I don't think it's because it has been registered for dev use.

    It's actually the new feature of ios 7. If the previous owner had installed a beta of ios 7. You run into the issue with apple id activation screen after a restore. There are actually more and more people running into this issue since everyone has been trying to use ios 7.
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    AppleCare doesn't support iOS 7 so they haven't been fully trained on this feature but it should exist, does and works exactly the way it should have. You got it from a developer who had installed iOS 7 on it and triggered the feature.

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