Solved: Dynamic DNS Updater apps for ML?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by lokiju, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. lokiju, Jan 8, 2013
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    I found a solution that works after much trial and error and searching.

    The biggest issue I had was I have a paid domain and I want to update public DNS with my IP whenever it changes at home since I have cable company internet that doesn't have a static IP option.

    I was prior using a Linksys router with DD-WRT firmware which could update directly to the DNS updater service I've used for ages called ZoneEdit.

    Since the Airport Extreme/Time Capsule has not DNS updater function (anymore at least, looks like it used to) I figured the next best option was to run some app on my always on Mini to do the same function but everything I could find either was overly complicated, didn't support zoneedit or was outdated and wouldn't run on Mountain Lion.

    I finally found this site which is a sort of in-between updater service, you send to them and then they send to the dynamic DNS updater service(s) of your choosing.

    So I created an account and associated my zoneedit info then found a dated but functional client app that actually works on Mountain Lion called "DNS-O-Matic Updater". While the developers site for that app is down or gone, I was able to find it on Macupdate and the version they have hosted works fine.

    I'll leave my original post below this just in case it helps someone else out in the future.

    I haven't been able to find anything so far. I picked up a Time Capsule over the holidays on a great steal of a deal and now the one thing I no longer have the ability to do with my home router is update my home IP when the IP changes.

    I've done some digging and it seems like nothing exist that I can find that actually works on Mountain Lion.

    Does anyone know of any solution to this?

    I'm specifically using ZoneEdit for DNS.

    I have a Mini on at home 24/7 acting as a server so having an app that runs on it to update whenever there's a change would be fine.

    Of course if I'm missing some way to get DNS updates through my Time Capsule, I'm open to suggestions.

  2. lokiju thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 10, 2008
    Found solution which I put in the OP just in case it helps others.
  3. typ993 macrumors newbie

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    FYI, for ZoneEdit Mac users, appears to be kaput. To add insult to injury, ZoneEdit doesn't list any working dynamic DNS OS X updaters ( appears to be the main supported client). My Netgear router doesn't have native support for ZoneEdit either.

    Thanks to this post, I found the software mentioned in the post above, which appears to work fine on my ML install as well. Since DNS-o-matic is an OpenDNS service, I think the OpenDNS updater may work with DNS-o-matic too.

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