Solved: Error when installing LION on Early 07 MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ZZ Bottom, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. ZZ Bottom, Oct 27, 2011
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    EDIT: resolved a two day struggle right after I posted here :p. By installing 10.6 on the HD, the system no longer throws out any error messages while trying to install LION fresh from a DVD.

    I'm posting here rather than software forum in hopes that another 2006/07 15" MBP owner can share insight. Just to clarify, it is the model with the ATI X1600 video card.

    I'm helping a friend who is receiving an error message when trying to install LION on his MBP, and also receives the error if he tries to boot via USB to a known good 10.7 HD. Details:

    -MBP successfully had 10.7.1 with oem equipment.
    -he ordered an SSD and began reading about TRIM enabler. Not knowing enough about it he installed and turned it on... with the OEM platter hard drive still installed.
    -immediately after rebooting, the computer stays at the grey screen with the "prohibited" sign flashing. No luck resetting SMC or PRAM.
    -decided to perform a clean install, but now LION will not allow him to install. I advised him to find a known good copy of LION burned on a DVD, which he did at a local Apple service center. NO LUCK.
    -However he is able to install Snow Leopard evidentially.

    Did he screw something up with the Hard Drive's firmware... OR worse; did he screw up something with the MBP firmware or efi?

    I am trying here for any insight at all. The fellas at the service center were stumped, and couldn't offer any solutions short of checking it in for full service.

    EDIT: The error message he receives says "There was a problem installing Mac OS X. Try reinstalling."
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    The Lion installer does not require 10.6 to be on a hard drive in order to run. The downloadable installer won't upgrade 10.5, but it's absolutely possible to install 10.7 on a blank drive. Therefore, if this was failing, then there's something else going on.
  3. ZZ Bottom thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 14, 2010
    Oh definately there was something else going on. The mbp had 10.7 from a clean install before the guy decided to enable trim on a platter hard drive. So we knew his burned DVD of lion dmg was not corrupted. I think he is just very relieved he didn't screw up the logic board firmware.

    I guess lesson learned is don't go messing with TRIM Enabler if you are not using an SSD. Not sure what he expected anyway.

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