[Solved]Find My iPhone not working after jailbreak, iP4

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by coasterider, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. coasterider macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2010
    Washington, DC
    Issue solved.

    Has anybody else noticed this? I tried locating it as a test to make sure it worked, and sure enough its not working.

    First time Jailbreak..was I not supposed to use MobileMe anymore?
  2. bella92108 macrumors 68000

    Mar 1, 2006
    I just tried it and it worked fine for me. Did you turn location services off by chance? I think it's default to OFF post-jb so turn it back on.

    I didn't know people actually used Find My Phone, haha... living in a block of probably 10,000 condos\homes, knowing where my phone is within 500 meters doesn't do me a whole lot of good, hehe. "We have found your phone. It's somewhere within 2.5 miles of where you're standing!" hehe
  3. lorax3 macrumors regular


    Jun 25, 2007
    Just did a test via mobile me in Safari, worked fine. Don't have the Find My iPhone app on my actual iphone, seems counter productive?
  4. coasterider thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2010
    Washington, DC
    Location services on. Find My iPhone also displays a message, you can wipe it too.

    Sorry I was not very clear, I am accessing it from my MBP trying to "find" my phone.

    Edit. Ok I feel like a moron, the phone I was trying to locate was my old iP4 that I replaced, apparently. The other one is showing up fine. Not sure how that happened. New to MobileMe somewhat as well..
  5. MacProPIMP macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2008
    Not when your partner has it as well. If I lose my phone when we're out, she can find it with her iPhone, and vice versa. ;)
  6. calvy macrumors 65816

    Sep 17, 2007
    can you tell us how you solved it? I seem to be having this problem too. Can't send messages to my phone or locate it. GPS stuff is working and location services are on.

    //edit, i take it back. I was viewing the wrong iphone. I had a replacement issued and it was still listed in find my iphone.
  7. coasterider thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2010
    Washington, DC
    Yea it had nothing to do with jailbreaking it. I had my iPhone 4 replaced and it was searching for the old iPhone not the new one.
  8. andrew2345 macrumors newbie

    Feb 24, 2011
    Jailbroken with sn0wbreeze 2.2 (I think)

    I used sn0wbreeze and created a custom ipsw to restore with. Now when I try to setup find my iphone, it says it can't verify my iphone's identity.

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