Resolved [Solved]Help with installing W7 on my rMBP (USB/EXTERNAL HDD)

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  1. nicklasmp, Jul 12, 2012
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    Jun 21, 2012

    I recieved my very first mac a few days ago - i tried unsuccesfully yesterday to install w7 on it. I've read severel guides and watched the video some guy posted on installing w7 on a retina mbp using 2 flash drives, but without any succes.

    this video:

    I dont have an external drive available, however i do have 1 pc. of 16gb USB key, and an empty external hd drive (2tb). Is it possible for me to install W7 with this, or does it require two usb keys like the those in the video (please note that both my external hdds are formatted in NTFS, do i have to format them to FAT32?)

    Here's what i did:

    Placed my ISO file of W7 on the USB and downloaded drivers to my external hdd - once that was done i plugged in my USB with W7 on it and opened bootcamp assistent, picked the first option to install w7, located my ISO file in the next window, and clicked go - the process bar went to about 1/3 and came up with an error. Now while i dont have the exact error since i'm sitting on work atm, it was something about the USB.

    I hope any of you that have installed with succes using USB can help me here - and apologize in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes.


    I succesfully installed W7 yesterday, using one USB flash drive (16 gigs)

    1. Copy iso file of W7 to desktop
    2. Open bootcamp setup -> create bootdisk and select the ISO file on desktop
    3. Install W7 (3rd option in bootcamp setup)
    4. System reboots and boots from the USB
    5. The system said that it was unable to install W7 on the bootcamp partion that the bootcamp setup had created, easy to solve since you can format the drive in the W7 install setup
    6. Once W7 was installed and is running open the driver folder on the USB flash and click the .exe file
    7. Done, enjoy W7 on your mac :)

  2. drvelocity macrumors regular

    Oct 20, 2008
    I've tried windows 7 and 8 on my Rmbp, external SSD through the Seagate Goflex Thunderbolt connector, and I just get a blinking cursor at boot. So far I haven't found a solution. :(
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    Jun 21, 2012
  4. arashb macrumors 6502

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    I've done this on a 2012 MBP a few days ago and it worked fine.

    I have to ask though, you're saying you put the iso image file onto the USB and then you're running boot camp assistant and choose the iso file that's already on the USB?

    If so, that's your problem right there. Try dragging the iso file to your desktop and run boot camp assistant again and choose the iso file that is now on your desktop.

    But I see another problem for both you and drvelocity. I don't think you can install Windows on an external drive by using this method. There is a way but it's slightly more complicated.

    1. Install OS X on that drive
    2. Run OS X and boot camp assistant off the drive
    3. Install Windows using boot camp
    4. Delete OS X partition

    This may or may not work.
  5. nicklasmp thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 21, 2012
    oh, seems like thats my problem then - gonna try that once i come home, thanks for your reply! :)

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