solved: How to access Notes in iTunes backup?

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    So i completely forgot to back up my notes on my iPhone before doing a recent Factory Restore.

    Luckily i was able to access the notes.sqlite file through the iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac. I'm able to save the file as a CSV but i'm having an issue..

    I'm only seeing the first line of the notes in the backup on FireFox's SQLite Manager. Is there anyway i can read the entire thing? thanks

    did i use the right string? i used: SELECT ztitle, zauthor, zsummary FROM znote


    problem solved i used MesaSQlite to get the entire note, not FireFox's SQLite Manager
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    Mar 8, 2012
    Just for reference, there is also a (free) great SQLite manager in the AppStore, called Liya.

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