Solved!! Installing Windows 7(BootCamp) on MBP (SSD + HDD) without SuperDrive!!

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    The Mission!
    To Install Windows 7 Ultimate(64bit) onto the 2nd Drive(aka drive1) on the MacBook Pro without having the Internal Superdrive.
    * Superdrive was replaced with a 750gb Hybrid Drive - So this MBP now has 2 Hard Drives and No Superdrive -
    -Current Setup-
    ..15-inch MacBookPro 2010 i7 2.66GHz 8GB Ram
    ....-disk0 Intel SSD 520 Series (120GB Solid-State Drive)
    ......-Installed-MacOSX 10.8.2 / BootCamp Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
    *** I installed this the normal way before swapping the SuperDrive out**
    ....-disk1 Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid
    *** Using this as like the storage drive and user folders since I have almost no room left on my SSD drive***
    Now to the actual steps to get Windows 7/BootCamp installed onto the Hybrid Drive and let Mac OS X have the SSD Drive all to itself!!!
    **First Run that worked!**
    -Downloaded "WinClone 3.6 and installed it- It's very straight forward and easy to use!

    -Launched WinClone
    ~~ First open Preferences : there are 3 options 2 of which you need to check; "When Imaging, Remove Pagefile... (You want to check off "ALWAYS" or "ASK" and when prompted then click YES! REMOVE THE CRAP!.
    ~~2nd Box to Check is "When Restoring, UPDATE BOOT CONFIG DATA(BCD)" : ALWAYS!! YES!! This is what is going to leave directions for the Mac OS as to where it's now living and can be found - since it's no longer living on the same block! hahaha** After you checked both of these your ready to create the image

    -Created an Image File of my BootCamp Partition(the existing one with Windows7 already installed on it) and saved it to my External FireWire Drive**((Save it anywhere as long as you can get to it))**

    --Once your image is created successfully - your ready to setup the Destination(My case 2nd HD)
    --Disk Utility > Setup the partition you plan on restoring the image file too - Obviously making sure it's big enough! So create the Windows Partition as FAT (As long as it's FAT - whatever the filesystem is on the imaged bootcamp - it will actually replace whatever file system you select.But it does have to be Windows (fat/fat32/ntfs - u get the idea)

    Once the Partition is ready...
    Just go ahead and click Restore! - Select the Image you created - Detination - select the partition you setup - let it do it's thing!!

    ** Once it's done it wil come up saying Completed - and ask if you if you want to open the Startup Disk - So you can change it to boot up from your newly restore BootCamp Partition. - You can BTW :)
    **HEADS UP!!!! DON'T PANIC!!!***
    When Booting to your newly restore BootCamp/Windows 7 Partition it will throw up the Win7 splash screen like normal - then it will go over to the CHK DSK tool (dos/black background type setting) and it will run through the CHK-DSK - This is normal and how WinClone is setup - so once it's done with the restore upon first boot to windows it just runs that ChkDsk for the first. When it's done it will reboot - and THIS TIME it will come up like it should!!! :)
    TaaDaa!!! So that's pretty much the idea!! - Create Image file using WinClone of a Windows 7 BootCamp Install - Then Restore that Image File to the partition where you actually want it!

    --Not going into setp by steps for the next one - because as you can see I am horrible at giving step by step directions via TXT/Forums.

    --I wanted a FRESH/CLEAN install of Windows 7 - So instead of pulling out the hybrid drive to REINSTALL Bootcamp/Win7 fresh - then putting the hybrid drive back in - create teh image and restoring and so on -- I did the following....
    -I also have a 2011 iMAc (i5 Processor not i7 like my MBP) - So I ran a new BootCamp/Windows 7 Install on the iMac which ran successfully!
    --Once it was finished I ran "SYSPREP" (Because it's going onto a different MAC all together) - After SYSPREP Was DONE - I THEN Created the Image File - Then I Restored it onto the Hybrid Drive on my MacBook Pro! - Rebooted and it pretty much acted like it was just finished with the original install - I installed the Bootcamp Files - it installed all the proper drivers and was great! Ran all the Updates and I'm a happy camper!

    Sorry it's all so sloppy - but I know A LOT of ppl want this type of setup and since I was able to do it twice with no problems... I had to pass this on!! If anyone wants to clean this up and repost it - feel free! :) Good Luck to anyone else out there who has wanted this specific setup as well!!

    --If you need help - or if you need an Image File for an iMac2011 i5 or MBP 2010 i7 processor with Windows 7 Ultimate lmk and I'll give you a link to one of mine (The smallest I was able to get it with a Windows 7 Ultimate Install was 9GiG). Obviously it won't have the serial number entered and will need to be activated (within 3 days) - so you'll need your own key - Sry that's pirating :) And Microsoft needs the money!! haha

    -Send me an Email @ if you need help - Questions keep i the forum because if you have a question- chances are someone else has the same..

    ** IF anyone else does this - please take a min to drop a comment to let us know how it worked for you - or if you did it a little different that worked better - let me/us know! -- ** BTW You will have to obtain a copy of WinClone 3.6 ($19.00 for Single License)

    Good Luck ya'll!!!!
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    Dec 1, 2012
    I have a 2012 Macbook Pro 13 with a 120GB ssd in the main bay, and a 500gb hdd in the optibay. I dont have windows 7 installed on either one at the moment, but i want to partition the 500gb hdd for windows 7. I have tried the traditional bootcamp method already with no luck. It wont work with the optibay. Theres a whole thread of people with the same problem as me (cant install windows 7 on optibay). See here:

    Will your method work for me?
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    Canberra, ACT, Australia
    #3 Check out my guide on how to install Windows 7 on MBP with SSD + HDD without the need of SuperDrive (Post on Feb 14, 2013).

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