solved the problem of iPhone disabling our DSL network

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lsh, Oct 16, 2015.

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    After trying to figure out why our DSL (10mbps) was virtually useless most nights about 9pm, I finally figured out that it was an iPhone (64gb) set to do an iCloud backup which tries to happen when it's plugged into power.
    Apparently it was using all our upload bandwidth and severely limiting any network traffic in the evening.
    My daughter didn't even mean to use iCloud backup.
    Hopefully this will help others. It wasn't obvious with 5 of us in the house what was going on.
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    Poor wifi setup can also attribute to the problem.
  3. HEK, Oct 16, 2015
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    Do a manual iCloud backup when no one else is on. Once one backup is completed the daily maintenance backups take like 2 to 4 minutes. Unless you changed massive things on the phone. Son just got new phone yesterday and after it downloaded the previous phone's backup, I renamed the phone and proceeded to save it fresh back to iCloud. That took awhile, but once completed doing another backup took only couple of minutes.

    Update: I should mention that my Wi-Fi speed is about 120 Mbps so that is a consideration to note.
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    What what would I look for in my wifi setup? I don't need a iCloud backup, but do worry that this could be symptomatic of other issues that might not be obvious.

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