Resolved Solving MBP mid 2010 BSOD (Screen Blackouts) problem

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Frankiefah, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Frankiefah macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2012
    Hey everyone. I've been struggling with my MacBook Pro for several months now, trying to find a solution to solve the blackouts (BSOD) and crashes on my machine.

    A lot of people did not find any problem with this when they upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, I guess they were lucky. Well the problems I had was every time I quick looked a document, open iLife apps, going full screen in apps, playing games, scrolling to fast in pages or just doing my work in Photoshop my Mac goes black and I have to force shut down it at the power button. This problem grew and got worse every week. I have tried everything! Taking my Mac to the repair shop. They did NOTHING and then charged me a crap load of money... I asked people at the iStore, they don't even know about this problem and they really didn't care either.

    SO I decided to take matters into my own hands and try diagnosing my machine on my own. I took a risk but I performed a few setups to see if the problem still persists. FINALLY I found what was causing the problem! :D I realized that there is some sort of problem that occurs when upgrading from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Mac OS X Lion. It is maybe a compatibility thing or something. So if you want to get rid of this problem you have to install a new copy of Mac OS X Lion on a clean hard drive.

    - I followed the steps on how to put the downloaded copy of Lion on a disc (See Link Here)
    and just booted the machine from the disc by holding in the option key (which is 'alt').
    - Next a boot screen came up where you could chose to 'install a new copy of Lion' or 'open up Disc Utility'
    - I chose the Disc Utility and chose the 'Macintosh HD' drive.
    - I erased the drive completely and closed the Disc Utility app.
    - I then chose the 'install a new copy of Lion' and the setup started to run from the disc.

    After I did this I did NOT copy my backed up files from my Time Machine to restore settings because the old Snow Leopard files is still on the backup. So PLEASE backup your data manually on another hard drive by NOT using the Time Machine!
    I restored everything manually as I backed it up onto another hard drive before I started to process.

    I can honestly tell you that I did this process in +- 8 hours. I know it takes longer than usual but hey, it is +- 8 hours later and I am working without any problems! No black outs, No freezing, No frustration! :D
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    Sep 24, 2007
    Vancouver, Canada
    That's for the 2008 ones. is the one you are looking for. I got a logicboard replacement, but then my machine woudn't wake from sleep and everything on screen would freeze except the cursor. I emailed the store and after going to the store a few times, they eventually replaced my whole bottom case with the keyboard and trackpad and another logicboard and now my machine is actually fast in recent memory. This was around 5 months after warranty too so I'm very grateful.

    It seems like it's a crapshoot with logicboards though. It's ironic because my current 2010 machine was replacement for my 2008 MBP which also had sleep problems and freezes. Sigh.

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