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    If I have created a similar thread in the past please forgive me for forgetting. I am subscribed to multiple Mac boards and am not always aware of what I post on each one. This post is going to the Apple Forums and this site. I will avoid Mac OSX forums, Mac forums, & Yahoo groups for these questions.

    I have been using a Blackberry since 2009 and am gonna give the iPhone a shot in March. Before I make the move I have some questions if someone could kindly answer them, thanks..

    1. Will I be able to retain my email address? If not can I create emails on the iPhone? Can I also create mail filters on the iPhone?

    2. Pictures & video that I shoot will they sync with iPhoto?

    3. Are audio notes synced to iTunes?

    4. How are memo Pad notes synced on my Mac and with what appication? Can I create notes on my Macbook and sync with the iPhone?

    5. How can my Podcasts be synced to my iPhone? My guess would be 3G, WIFI, USB sync, and WIFI sync. If I do not desire to sync via WIFI, and 3G, will I be able to sync to my Macbook via WIFI & USB cable sync? On the Blackberry Podcasts take FOREVER to download via 3G, so my guess would be the same on the iPhone.

    6. What app do I need to Facetime over 3G?

    7. How can I copy my ringtones from my Blackberry to my iphone? As I understand I cant access the iPhone as a drive in the finer like I can with my Blackberry so this may be a problematic solution.

    8. When I sync with Mail does it automatically sync all my E-mail accounts or can I configure mail to skip some of my email accounts that I do not want to be seen on my iPhone?
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    1. Can the blackberry email work off of pop/imap? (don't have experience with bb email so not sure) if it does pop/imap you are fine.

    2. They will all sync with iPhoto and if you use photo stream will sync up to iCloud and your Mac automatically

    3.not sure but I'd assume they are

    4. If you mean with the notes app then they can be synced with your email and will show up in the mail app on your mac

    5. There is a section of the iTunes store for podcasts unjailbroken the limit is 20mb over 3G but can be removed with 3G unrestrictor

    6. Jailbroken the same app to remove the download cap can be used for FaceTime over 3G

    7. I havent done this in awhile but you can pick a song from iTunes edit it down below 30 seconds with QuickTime make sure it is in .m4a format and change the a to r so the format is .m4r copy into iTunes and it will go to a ringtones section. There may be an easier way to do this but that is the way I know how to

    8. You have the option in iTunes to set all your email accounts to your phone or you can choose which go to the phone and which don't. On the phone itself you can also add email accounts and choose wha all they sync. Like contacts, calendar, notes.

    Lmk if you need any clarification on anything
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    When you set up your iphone, you'll be asked to create a account. If you do, it'll be configured for your phone automatically. It's set up as your default, although you can change it to another account of your choosing.
    I suggest doing it and use it primarily for imessage, etc.

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