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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by koigirl, Oct 25, 2012.

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    I need some advice from some of you who are more technologically savvy on how to proceed. Please bear with me as I provide background:

    I bought a new 2012 MBA (13", 8GB RAM, 256 SSD) in mid-August. Last Thursday, I tried to wake it up from sleep mode to do some web surfing and the trackpad was acting strange. At first, cursor would move with my finger but not work on click or tap, then after turning off the machine with the power button and rebooting, it was unresponsive and the cursor was moving around by itself.

    I called Apple Care and spent around an hour on the phone with them, trying the Shift Command PR and one other maneuver to try and resolve the issue. After these attempts, the service rep suggested I go to my local Genius Bar and I made an appt. for Friday morning.

    On Friday, the Apple genius told me he suspected the trackpad needed replaced but was also somewhat concerned that he could not get the computer to reboot and asked to keep it until Tuesday to replace trackpad and run diagnostics. On Tuesday when I returned to pick it up, I got a different CS person who rebooted it in front of me. Everything seemed to be working. Trackpad had been replaced and they said diagnostics looked normal. When I got home, I sat down and tried to open it out of sleep mode and the cursor was unresponsive again (moving with my finger but not responding to click or tap). I turned power button off and then restarted and it was working fine. Yesterday afternoon, I try to again open out of sleep mode and am back to the same unresponsive cursor. I tried turning off and back on and still unresponsive. Then I decided to try the Shift, Command PR thing again and this time a message comes up that I need to restore from a 10/7/12 Time Capsule backup. I try to back up and the entire thing freezes up completely. I made another Genius Bar appt for today at 1:00, first available opening.

    This time I get a different genius, way less helpful. He says he needs to reload operating system. After this, he tells me to go home and restore physically from the Time Capsule (2012 model, BTW). He says it was probably software-related.
    I go home and connect via USB to Time Capsule and use 10/7/12 backup, knowing I've already lost all work done since then. After backup, I do the update that pops up as necessary and then, voila, upon rebooting, the cursor is again unresponsive and there are a number of programs open that are unresponsive.

    I called Apple Care again. The CS person walks me through closing the open programs with Control Command Escape, arrow buttons, and the return key. Then she has me turn the computer off and reboot. Cursor is still unresponsive. She says at this point she is afraid to use the PR command again because if used too much it can damage the computer and suggests I schedule another Genius Bar appt. She says she thinks I have a hardware problem.

    I am going out of town tomorrow at noon for the weekend. There are no open appts before I leave so I scheduled one for Monday morning. I have not had good use of my computer in a week. I don't know whether to let them continue tinkering with software or expect a replacement unit. My husband thinks they should replace the unit at this point. The computer is two months old and I did buy extended Apple Care.

    Anyway, I would just like some thoughts on how to proceed, what to expect, what might be the source of my problems, etc.

    One more thing, I use my laptop mainly for email, web surfing, watching videos/movies, and word processing/Excel spreadsheets. I do have Parallels running with Windows 7 to use Peachtree accounting program to do one small company's bookkeeping. This is the only program loaded on the Windows side. I never do anything on the Windows side except for the accounting work which is sporadic in nature. I have not loaded any additional programs except MS Office for Mac and Adobe PDF reader.
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    I would do a clean install of Mountain Lion. If you are not sure how to do it, check YouTube. It is fairly easy and if there is a software problem, that will fix it. If even with that it is not fixed, then you will know for certain that it is a hardware problem.
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    A follow up

    Just to follow up, when I took it in on Monday, they looked at it again, ran diagnostics on the trackpad and SSD, and decided to replace the logic board:confused: I left it for the repair (they had to order the part) and hopefully it will be ready tomorrow. Over two weeks without a functioning laptop at this point - I'm dying. My husband is calling me "Mayhem" :( and doesn't want to let me near his MBA!
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    Aug 27, 2012
    Now you are aware despite Apple's Ad to the contrary, your machine may not wake up INSTANTLY. More than 10 seconds I say there is some concern, but I hope u waited at least that long. OK. You got it.

    If the above is OK then looks like u got a serious prob. After 3 trips and can't resolve prob, I say u have a right to speak to the manager for him to give you a replacement.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    Seems like you are having a bit of bad luck. You've been to the Genius Bar 3 times! You should have been given a replacement. From the beginning it probably was a hardware problem. Usually Apple is really helpful (from my experiences.)

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