Some advice please.


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Sep 18, 2006
London, UK

Up until now I have been a PC user. However, I am so fed up with the rate I get through PC (I have a habit of overclocking and breaking them) so I have decided to swtch to Apple.

I was going to wait until Leopard came out, but my PC really is on its last breath and I have had to accelerate my plans.

I am about to start a sound design course and I need some advice as to which desktop setup to get. It must be able to run Pro Tools (with MBox2) well.

1. 20-inch iMac
2. Mac Mini (1.83ghz version with 1gig of RAM) and a 20-inch TFT

I cant get a MacBook Pro as I have a limited budget (being a student sucks)

I always replace my computers every 12-18 months to keep up with tech advances, so it must be able to last me that long.

Any advice would be grand.


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Mar 9, 2005
I would go for the iMac cause I beleive it is the better computer and is integrated all together. Obviously you would not buy an Apple monitor cause that it too expensive so I would not opt for a mac mini. If you have already a good monitor than you can save some money.


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May 31, 2006
i like the iMac but really neither the iMac nor the Mac mini are Pro machines. i don't know what Pro apps you use but the iMac could definitely handle them better than a Mac mini could.