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Jan 14, 2002
South Dakota, USA
Okay, I am a teacher and I have 5 computers in my classroom. 2 Gateway Pentium Pro 200's, 1 Gateway Celeron 550, a PowerMac 6100/66 and my personal iBook 600 which I keep at my desk. Of course the kids love my iBook, but since I bought it with my own money...I don't let them use it much. I do love OSX 10.2.2, it works so nice on the Windows network, even better then my Win98 machines do.

Anyhow enough history, my question is about the old PowerMac 6100/66. The school was throwing them out when they updated the last lab to PC's so I decided to grab it for another computer in the classroom. It runs well and I have loaded some fun games on it that the students love, but the OS is in poor shape and there is a lot of "broken" things on it. I have also had problems getting it on the ethernet, although my tech coordinator says it should work on the internet, if all the addresses are entered right on it.

I am running system 7.5.5 on this machine. What would be a good version to move up to? I see where the machine is supported up to 9.1, but I am afraid the HD is too small for system 9 and Office 98, games, etc.

Is there anyway to purchase a newer copy of Mac OS and what system would work well for a 6100/66. All the old system restore stuff has been thrown out. How much disk space would OS9 take compared to the current 7.5.5?

Any help would be appreciated. I would like to get a couple more years out of the old girl for games and work processing.


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Jan 19, 2002


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May 4, 2002
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I work with older macs often. Ummm... Mac OS 8 would be the best bet. You should upgrade the memory (RAM) and you should either upgrade teh Hard Drive, or ad an external one, Mac OS 8 takes up around 100mb with some extras, so at least a 500mb external HD would give your Mac 6100 some room to breathe. go to for memory, just use the easy pulldown menu. Your Power Macintosh 6100 is a PowerPC right?

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May 4, 2002
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Also if you want another mac for your class go to Mac of All Trades, they have very afordable Older Macs (under teh Older Macs section) Most of them are less than $50 dollars. Well I knew as a kid I loved the Macs in school, but I guess thats because I'm a Mac Head, lol Well Macs are great for education. There is a ton of software for kids and schools. If you need any help with older Macs just Private Message or E-Mail me :D

Also @ Mac of all Trades they have a Mac 6100, like yours, with 1 Gigabyte of hard drive space and 128mb of RAM, its only $19.99! Go check it out got to and clcik on Older Macs, I have shoped there before and they have great service, also check out the Peripherals to see if they have anything you like. Talk to you later :D


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Jun 3, 2002
I also work in education, and we still use 5400's (and 575's)in our district. What we use on them is either 7.6.1, because it allows DHCP, and in one lab we use 8.6. In either case the machines run slow, but they still work.
If you don't want to do any upgrades to the machine other than OS, go with 7.6.1. If you want to upgrade HW, go with 8.

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Nov 20, 2002
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Well, my Performa 5200 (75 Mhz) is working slow-but-fine under OS 9, though it takes more than 5 minutes to start. Adding more RAM and a Hard Drive really helps.
And if you are going to buy some more old Macs, go straight for Performa! TV tuner and ability (with the internal modem) to answer the phone via the built-in mic, rem. control etc...

And the Monitor still works, though not like the new one.


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Nov 8, 2002
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Originally posted by Nipsy
You can run any OS up to 9.1, however any version of 9 will run terribly on that machine, at least that's what I found.

Depending on how much RAM you have, I would look into 8.6 as a compromise of features/usability.
I installed 8.6 on a 1994 vintage PowerBook 520c, and it actually works great. If I recall, there were some major networking improvements in the last few versions of 8.6 that might help you with your Ethernet problems (the control panel totally changed, I remember). On the PowerBook 520c I could run Interner Explorer 5, and with a broadband ethernet connection it actually browsed the web about as fast as a new machine using a 56K modem.