Some Apple Music and iCloud Sharing Woes ...

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    Oct 7, 2005
    So when iOS 8.4 came out we upgraded all 5 phones in our house. (4 5Ss and a 6)

    I took the plunge and setup iCloud Family Sharing. It took a few tries to get my oldest daughter's phone working. But once it did, it was working as advertised. Everyone logged into iTunes and the App store as themselves and we could share purchases. Then I went to Apple Music and for a week or so it was working great for us. Everyone logged in as themselves and we had our own offline music, playlists, and could share actual purchases.

    Then all of a sudden a few days ago it went bad. Now for three of us, myself included, we can no longer use Apple Music, we're just prompted to buy it for the $10 or $15. It looks like we fast-forwarded and went to the end of the 3 month free trial. For the other two phones, it's working fine, they're still using the free trial.

    When I look into the accounts and status, all 5 of us are still correctly part of family sharing. That all seems correct. I've spoken with Apple twice and they don't seem willing or able to help. This morning they told me to restart all 5 phones, login on all 5 as me, then logout and have each person login as themselves. Of course that didn't work.

    Any ideas? I'm pretty well stumped with this one.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Feb 18, 2011
    I share your frustration. I signed up today and only got one month free. No option for the 3 months. My wife on her iphone was able to get 3 months fine. Not sure what problems are here.
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    Oct 7, 2005
    Agreed. Very odd, and a bit frustrating. Not even sure what to do now.
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    Open a help ticket with apple on this and they will change to three month.

    Slightly OT about this, we are using the family sharing and it seems to be working. Both my kids have there own Apple ID and have had accounts for a while and have bought stuff with their own money (may even have a few $ credit on the iTunes account). With Family sharing turned on I invited their Apple ID to share AM with me. My question is how does the family sharing work with apps, can they still use their own apple ID's and iTunes accounts to buy apps with?

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