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Discussion in 'iPod' started by brettTHEjett2, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Jan 17, 2008
    Hello everyone I'm fairly new to the Mac world. I purchased a MBP 15" (the basic one) and I have a couple of questions hopefully someone can help me out!
    1. I have somewhat figured out how to use Handbrake for downloading DVDs in the iPod hi-rez format and then trasferring the movie to my iPod (fairly straight forward). But once I try to rip TV episodes (The Office to be exact), it dosen't fully rip, and seems like it only takes the deleted scenes. I'm not quite sure, but each disc has over 2 hr of data and only half an hour makes it to my ipod. I don't know anything about bitrate/filesize/etc, but is there something i am missing as far as making sure each episode is complete?

    2. A general question. I have about 100 DVDs and have already burned roughly 200 CDs onto my MBP, am I risking the integrity of the cd-drive by ripping so many cds?

    3. As far as connecting my iPod (classic: 160gb) to a regular every day television to watch movies and/or view photos I am completely foreign to the subject. Can someone flat out tell me exactly what cable i need to by and what settings i need to change to do this?

    ANY help is very appreciated thanks in advance
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    Can't you manually tell HandBrake what .VOB file to convert from the video_TS? Also, make sure the DVD is unprotected, as later versions of HandBrake can no longer directly rip DVD, IIRC.
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    The current version of Handbrake can rip most protected DVDs. There are some that may not work, usually if there is something non-standard about the protection.
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    And make sure to choose all the tracks and chapters here:

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    1. Depends on how the episodes are stored on the DVD. Sometimes they're all in one title and just divided by chapters, and when you pick one the DVD just plays that "story." Other times the episodes are all in different titles. You kind of have to know a little bit about how the DVD format works to rip, because it depends on how things were authored, and different titles (sometimes even different volumes of the same TV show) are authored differently.

    2. Not any more so than things experience normal wear and tear. Obviously it's experiencing more than if you were only using it every few days, but having ripped many CDs and DVDs over the 4 year life-span of my old PowerBook, I'd say you're probably fine.

    3. You need to buy the cable appropriate for your setup. Apple offers two cables, a composite one and a component one. You need to choose one that matches the best open input on your TV. If it has component inputs (3 pins for video, 2 for pin-phono audio), get that. If it only has composite, get that one.

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