Some checked songs in iTunes won't sync

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    Hi all,

    I enable the "sync only checked song" option and manually filter out songs in my library as I don't have space on my iphone for all of them. Problem is, if I have an old song that was unchecked that I now decide I want on the iphone, iTunes won't transfer it over on the next sync. I tried restoring the iphone but no result. I had this problem with one particular song previously and it is now synced but as far as I know the sync is completely random as everything I tried didn't work.

    I now have more previously un-checked songs that I want to sync over and having the same problem. Can anybody help? Thanks.
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    Feb 17, 2008
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    did you purchase those old songs using a different iTunes account ? This happened to me once and I had to authorize the computer with the account that I used to make the purchases.
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    this first ^^

    if that doesn't work, plug in your iPhone to iTunes and under the music tab, check to see if you have selected 1.Sync Entire Music Library or just 2.Selected Playlist and Artist. Make sure that the appropriate artist is checked, then try to re-sync your iPhone (only the checked songs from that artist or playlist should transfer over).

    this is on iTunes 9.0.1
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    Jun 4, 2008
    Thanks for both the suggestions.

    saving101, I followed your instructions and checked only the artist of the songs that were not syncing and it solved the problem. It doesn't make sense to me as all the other un-check artists are still fine but at least it works. Thanks! :)
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    Jun 13, 2011
    More Itunes problems

    Hi there,

    I may just be missing something vital here but 2 problems with checking songs.
    1. When I connect my ipod up to my Mac and uncheck the songs I do not want (In my main library) on my ipod they wont come off my ipod (Which is only as of recently, as I have been able to do it for the past 2 years).

    And 2. I recently de-rated songs on my computer for my ipod so that I could cut down the amount of songs in My Top Rated, past two years I have done this and had no problems, but today I attempt to do this and the amount of songs in My Top Rated is different to the amount of songs that were synced to be in My Top Rated on my ipod itself. 167 meant to be on ipod, 247 were in My Top Rated beforehand but then I wanted to cut it down and so did so on the computer but now the cut down version wont sync...
    (Not sure if that makes sense but any help would be appreciated)
    THANKS :)

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