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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ravenvii, Nov 12, 2008.

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    I don't know where to put this, since it's for a PC laptop, so I just put it here.

    Basically, I need help with this weird issue. Basically, when I install Windows XP (fresh install), and install everything, everything runs fine for a bit, then it crashes, and would not boot up (HAL.dll missing error). I would reinstall, and it would reoccur. It's obviously a harddrive error (I ruled out the RAM after it passed the memtest86+ test overnight with flying colors).

    That's about 3 months ago. Last week, I decided to put Linux on it for kicks and giggles.

    But it ran flawlessly. Left it on for several days, installed a bunch of software on it, ran fsck, etc etc. The harddrive acted like a champ.

    Recently, I decided to give XP another try. Installed it. Let it run for a couple days, no problems. Ran disk check, it returned perfect results. Ran HD Tune's error testing, 0 damaged sectors. Disk health is 100%. No crashes yet.

    So... what's going on here??? Any ideas?
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    Put Linux back on it :)
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    The hal.dll error is fairly common with other than totally default installs, and generally has to do with the boot.ini file. If you're not doing a default install as far ad drive/volume, it's generally required to modify the file to point everything in the right direction.

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