Some fog/water drop under the Camera lens cover?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kidwithshirt, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Hi. I bought this iphone 3g from Craigslist or 250. It looked fine and I didn't check too much for problems. All I did was that I made sure it was a 3g.

    It had a very ugly fully body clip on cover. I thought it just pops right off after I pop open its latches. Apparently it wasn't that simple since the owner actually used some really sticky stuff to stick the back cover plate onto the iphone.

    It was something a little bit more intense than conventional sticker. I used my common mixture of oil then soap to clean the plastic back cover of the iphone. After application I just rinse it off with a bit of water at a time.

    Now the camera has a lot of hazy stuff under it. It was like the surface of bubble wrap yesterday, but now the droplets has congregated into one big droplet, right in the middle of the camera aperture. I think. I might take a photo with it.

    Is there a way to dry it? According to the owner it's still probably under warranty. Is there a way for me to go to apple and require an exchange?

    By the way how do I read the water damage indicator? I googled for a while and I gave up
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    To dry, leave it in a bowl of rice overnight.

    There are sensors in the headphone jack and USB port. They're white (I can't say I've actually seen the one in the port). If red/pink then you have water damage.

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