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    I really can't believe I did this, but when I activated my phone, I put in my business address. I then asked for a port from Verizon. Trouble was Verizon has a different address listed for me. This address issue put my account on hold, and thus all I ever saw was the "AT&T NEEDS MORE TIME" screen.

    I finally got the girl at AT&T to cancel the account and I was able to re-activate.

    It took me 30 phone calls to figure this out.

    This was my own stupid mistake. In my excitement I didn't think.

    I am posting this just n case one of you did the same thing, and need a solution.
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    Yes, you MUST use the same zip code that you got you number from.

    That is if you lived in Cupertino and got a local area code (555) but later moved to LA and KEPT the same number you need to use the Cupertino zip code since that is where the number originated from.

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