Some help getting Gmail set up, I may have the impossible problem.

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by mikegaudiello, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Ok.. so here's my deal. I have a Gmail account, and this account aggregates all of my old e-mail accounts, some I use for various sign ins and other sites where I have multiple sign ins (bare with me on this). However, the name of it is not something I want going out, let's say for reference it's (hint: it isn't).

    All of my current contacts, Google Voice, Google Music, calendars, Picasa and a few other services are tied to this Gmail account. My mail set up MUST continue to use this Gmail account. This CAN NOT change, and I want to use the built-in iOS mail app for both reading and replying/sending.

    My outgoing mail comes from something more professional, let's say for reference it's (hint again: it isn't). All mail from this address forwards to captainpoopants, except spam, so I still get notifications in iOS (only for spam, which is more than annoying).

    Essentially, I'm looking for a way to have a PUSH setup, that receives at captainpoopants, but always sends and replies automatically with mikegaudiello. Can this be done? I've tried the following:

    Setup Gmail with Gmail settings using the captainpoopants login on the iPhone/iPad. Still sends from captainpoopants, and looks like it is not push.

    Setup Gmail using Exchange settings. This does have push, but still sends from captainpoopants.

    Setup Gmail using Exchange settings, and in addition setup mikegaudiello seperately using Exchange settings. This allows me to change the "Send As" address. When composing new mail, it defaults from mikegaudiello, but replies default back to captainpoopants. If I can fix this setting for reply, I can accept dealing with spam in the secondary Exchange box. I would attempt to keep it as is, but there's only a matter of time before I accidentally send someone an email as captainpoopants and look like a complete tool.

    Again, this MUST continue to use the Gmail setup as I also have an Android device that I need to send e-mail from. Android's Gmail is mighty solid, but their Exchange client is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE as as any third party addons. Also, a web-based solution for iOS is not acceptable.

    I know I'm really picky, but I can't be the only iOS use that wants Gmail but has a secondary Send As address. It really blows that Google won't step it up and write a legitimate native Gmail app for iOS (they did write a native G+ app after all, nearly identical to its Android counterpart FWIW)
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    Ummmm... Details and/or an actual question, please?
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    Sigh... it's in there champ:

    I'll reiterate: I need to create a push setup in whcih all mail continues to go to the aggregated email address, and all outgoing mail (replies and new messages) uses the professional address without me having to change it manually.
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