Some help on iTunes mp3's... a little confused!

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    Mar 17, 2013
    Hi all, my iTunes is set to copy my mp3's when they are first played and this copy is then situated in the /Users/blahblah/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media folder. Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to delete all the original mp3's that I had stored manually in the general 'Music' folder. As I deleted the originals, however, all the copies deleted too (for some reason?!) and I wasn't left with any music in either the manually deleted 'Music' folder or the 'iTunes Media folder' that kept the copies! Is there anyway around this problem as I don't see the point in keeping two copies of the same songs, so would love to somehow delete the originals and keep the copies. Sorry for the long post but I would appreciate any help you might be able to offer :)


    Also, the reason why I am doing this is so when I click delete-->move to trash on a song in iTunes it seems to move the copied mp3 to trash and leave the original.. This wastes a lot of space with unused mp3's. I just want one copy of my mp3 file that deletes when I tell it to in iTunes.
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    go to itunes - preferences - advance - and uncheck (Copy files to to iTunes media folder)

    this will only leave you one copy
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    Alright, I've done that. However, the copies are still located in the Music/iTunes/iTunes Media Folder. Does this mean I should delete these manually?


    Plus when I click delete-->move to trash in iTunes it doesn't seem to delete the original mp3 just the copy. Is there a way round this aside from manually deleting every mp3 after each 'delete-->move to trash' action in iTunes?

    I really can't work this out..

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