Some iPod Touch 2G Battery Woes

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by uncle fuz, Nov 17, 2008.

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    So after spending a couple days attempting to do-it-myself, I've come to macrumors for some fix-it help. I just got the 2G iPod Touch, and here's what's been its major malfunctions as of lately.

    -After syncing my iPod with my computer, I'd unplug it, use it for a while, and put it to sleep. Only a couple hours later, when I feel like listening to music again, it would be completely dead. No chance of revival, and any attempts to turn it on would simply result in the screen flashing on for a split second, then dead again.

    -A couple restores later, I tried plugging it into the wall and charging it there. This only lead to even more problems, as the second I would unplug the iPod from the wall, it would go dead. Plugging it back in would just return me a familiar "reset" screen, as if it had never been charged at all.

    Throughout these problems, my iPod has had the fully charged battery icon the entire time. I've never jailbroken or installed any suspicious apps on my iPod (unless you consider flixster bad) so what I'm wondering is whether there is something wrong with the battery or something else. A defective unit perhaps? Any help from this wonderful community would be appreciated.
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    Definitely sounds defective to me. My second gen iPod touch will easily last a week when I listen to a few hours of music a day, and I've never seen a reset screen. If you're anywhere near an Apple store, take it in (not sure if you need to make an appointment) to have them look at it. If you got it from another brick n mortar store, try to get them to replace it as defective, for no cost.

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