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    Here are some good pieces of software to make you appreciate the Mac side better. Please list your favorite apps (mainly less-known. Everyone knows about Quicktime, Safari etc...).

    The goal is for this post to be a source of good applications for switchers to better appreciate OSX and for Mac users to discover some gems they were living without.

    Please list applications in this manner: LINK, Name of App, description/why is the app so great. Please DO post Links. Makes it more practical for everyone.

    Here I go:

    Dashboard Kickstart - to remove the lag in Dashboard when coming back from sleep.

    Psst - to remove the startup chime (not working on Intel yet, at least for me but keep an eye)

    iBackup - App which I LOVE. It is freeware and allows you to quickly and easily backup all settings/preferences/configurations, any files, all your widgets, your folders and e-mails, your iPhoto library, iTunes library, Safari bookmarks, Adium themes/configs/sound sets, iCal events, Address Book entries, well, everything in a couple clicks. Restore function works perfectly.

    Mac Janitor - Simple app used to force the daily/weekly/monthly OSX maintenance scripts to run on your demand. (It's a good consolation for those switchers who have kept the ritual of always wanting to defrag/scandisk/virus scan)

    Sizzling Keys - Freeware without which I almost couldn't live. It's main purpose is to provide system-wide hotkeys to control iTunes (next, previous, play/pause, volume) but also allows you to rate songs with a simple hotkey (CTRL+ 1 to 5) without having to have iTunes as active window. Or CTRL+F8 to bring up iTunes window, CTRL+F9 to search, all of this without having to have iTunes as active window.
    Another good feature it has is a floater window that appears (by default) each time the song playing changes and it displays the title, the artist, the album, album art and rating of the song. I LOVE it.

    Menu Meters - Little app that sits in your Menu bar at the top of the screen and displays info such as CPU % occupation, RAM usage (shows how much free and how much used), network activity (throughput), Disk activity and much more. Uses little ressources, discreet yet really useful.

    Shiira - Is a really nice browser, based on WebKit (the rendering engine used in Safari) and which offers some nifty little features such as Tab Exposé. It's in early developement still but it's coming along nicely, is universal and is a joy to use.

    Those are but a fraction of all the quality, well-though and well-coded apps there are out there.

    One thing I noticed when I switched is that while there are litteraly TONS of available software on Windows, finding a quality application that does what you need/want is not always easy. Windows has some nice quality apps, but it's not the same phenomenon as OSX.

    On OSX, everything I want to do has an application coded for it and most of the time, the application is really nice, has a nice User Interface, active support (most of those small apps listed in this post are coded by independent people and have all been ported to universal really quickly), they also respect Apple's UI guidelines very strictly in most cases.

    So while OSX has less software available (in sheer numbers), it does not lack software by any means, almost every need possible is answered by a quality app (often freeware or cheap ex: Acquisition) and more often than not, the developpers seem to really put much thought/effort into their apps and it shows. From the Dock icon to the help contents, nothing is left to luck.

    P-S: I had posted this info in another thread but I wanted to make a dedicated thread to gather lots of suggestions from everyone. Sorry mods for repost.
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    There's a few other threads about 3rd party shareware and freeware.

    Clutter is a great freeware app for collecting iTunes artwork.

    Windowshade is a nice shareware app for window management

    FFmpegX is good for video conversions

    Media Central is a good Front Row alternative

    Cute Clips is a nice way to copy and paste multiple things

    Google Earth is great of course

    Nice Cast is a great commercial app for turning iTunes into your own radio show

    Ya, there are a ton of apps for OS X...sorry I'm too lazy to post links, that's why God made Google ;)
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    Dec 21, 2003
    my apps i use a lot,

    google earth
    google sketch when they release it for mac :)
    sound studio

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