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Aug 15, 2005

I updated yesterday evening two softwares.
One of them, is iPhoto. I can already see
that there is a format change. The other
updated software is OS X to Mojave. All this
was done to a 13" MacBook Pro of early 2011.
The software update was done with my iPhone
5c connected to the computer. I had tried to
download some pictures.

Today I turned the computer on and because
this computer does not have a battery, (it
works with the electricity from the plug), I
needed to update the date. That is an every-
day ritual that has been ok with me since the
battery passed away some two to three years
ago. This time, however, it asked me for the
computer's password that I don't recall any-
more. So, that is one problem for me there.

The second thing I have noticed is the OS X
was not updated to Mojave from Yosimite.

The only thing that is apparently updated, even
though I am still offered an update for it, is
iPhoto. By the way, iPhoto only has photos
from my phone up until January 15th, in spite
the fact that I took photos until yesterday,
February 1st, 2019.

When I go to photos in my iPhone, the phone
tells you that it has 'zero' photos. However,
from 'zero' photos, it starts to slowly show that
it has some 950 photos and then it has a soft
collapse and it asks you for the four-digit
password. It is kind of just a one-second black-
out and then it only asks you for the four-digit
password. Some 950 photos did I say? Yes,
that is ok, but where are the other -approximately -
four thousand photos?? Specially the ones from
the last two weeks that neither show on the
computer, nor on the phone.

Thank you very much in advance, kind regards,


P.S. I wrote this message on another computer,
an 11" Macbook Air, (just in case you wondered).


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Sep 2, 2013
North Vancouver
Hope you made a back up - upgrading from Yosemite to Mojave is a big deal and I would have made sure I had a back up before a major upgrade of the OS

If you photos were previously on iPhoto - the new new version on Mojave is Photos 4 - another significant upgrade. The library / data base is not the same.

It sounds like the Mojave upgrade failed and you are back at Yosemite, you can simply re-run the Mojave update over top of the present OS and it should fix itself? The photos may be a different issue if the data base is corrupted

Again if you don't have a back up - might be good to do before you try Mojave again especially if yu can see an iPhoto data base in the pictures folder ( not the newer Photos library)

You will need to figure out (remember) your password


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Aug 15, 2005

Thank you for your message : ) !!!

Well, looking closely, my (former)
iPhoto library is called now:
Photos, Version 1.0.1
It looks very cool. The format looks
fresh. I don't know how far one may
'reach out' with it. (I mean, that may
deserve another thread about using
Photos vs. the former iPhoto and
possible new expectations about these
two products).

Yes, if I am understanding you right,
I'll have to get the latest version of
Photos, that as you mention is Photos 4.
Only then, I'll be able to see what is
missing from my library or the pictures
taken after January 15th (until yesterday).

What do you suggest me to do with the
Photo's library of my phone. As I told you,
it goes from zero photos to around nine
hundred and fifty, and then collapses for
a second. After that second the phone
does not show me the last photos taken
that are four thousand photos or so.
How do I recover them??

Let's suppose I can't remember my
password. What could I do??

Thank you very much again, kind regards,



Sep 3, 2006
You can't install Mojave on your Mac, it's not supported. The newest version that's compatible with your Mac is High Sierra. You can reset the password if you boot from the recovery partition.
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Sep 2, 2013
North Vancouver
Yeah as mentioned by Ritsuka above look like the cut off for Macbook Pros was mid 2012 or later - Might even be a better bet to upgrade to Sierra for that model ( just IMHO - I was not a fan of High Sierra)

If you you can open Any version of Photos - you could try creating a New Library (Empty) by holding the ALT key while opening Photos and choose "Create New Library" maybe you will be able to connect the phone and copy the pictures into a new empty library?

You can also try using the repair option in Photos to repair the library that is not working - but again I would make a back up first and then try the repair on a copy.


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Aug 15, 2005
Hello Mikzn and Ritsuka,

Thank you very much for your messages : ) !!!

Yes, time flies by and OS X has changed to
new versions since the last time I belatedly got
OS X Yosimite. This time again I am belatedly
updating the OS X software.

How do I reset the password by booting the
recovery partition? Would anyone be so kind
to please tell me how to go about it or to
please show me a link to go about such process?

Where do I still find versions of Sierra and/or
High Sierra?

I'll do these two steps first.

Then comes the most challenging: to wake up
my phone from its amnesia. That means, I can
recover the lost pictures from the last two
weeks and the other four thousand plus pictures that
I don't see since yesterday when the pseudo-update
was made.

I will be following all the advice that you guys may
kindly give me.

Very kind regards,

igmolinav : ) !!!


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Original poster
Aug 15, 2005

Thank you for your message jbarley : ) !!!

But before updating OS X Yosimite to a
proper version like Sierra or High Sierra
please let me tell you what I have done:

I have been able to reset the OS X password

I have followed 'alrescha's' advice here:

However, after succesfully updating the password,
I am asked or given one of three choices:

The system was unable to unlock your login keychain.
If you remember your old password you can update
the keychain password. If you do not remember your
old password, you can create a new login keychain or
choose to leave the login keychain using a different
Would you like to update the password, create a new
keychain, or continue the login?

Which one should I choose?

Thank you, kind regards,

igmolinav : ) !!!


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Original poster
Aug 15, 2005
P.S. Hi Guys, I am a bit lost with these three options.

I don't know if to create a new login keychain or
choose to leave the login keychain, because the
pasword to the OS X is new.

Thank you again! I just want to be able to continue
and be able to solve the situation I presented at the
beginning of this post.

kind regards,

igmolinav : ) !!!
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