some more ipod for windows questions


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Jun 4, 2002
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Ok, my friends wants to sell me a brand new unopened 20 gig ipod for 400 smackers. The thing is that it is the windows version. I read on these forums that the windows version is compatible with the mac. Is the supplied firewire 6 pin to 4 adapter necessary to work with my new tibook? is the firewire cable supplied the same as the one in the mac version of the ipod. I havent opened the box yet.

thanks in advance


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Apr 3, 2002
Charles City, Iowa
Yes, you're right, the iPod is compatible with your computer. You won't need the 6 pin to the 4 pin adapter, because Apple Notebooks use 6 pin just like Apple Desktops. PC Notebooks use 4 pin though, so Apple included a 4 pin adapter to be safe.


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Jan 6, 2002
Yeah, just download the latest iPod updater and "Restore" the disk to work properly with Mac.



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The only difference between the Windoze iPod and the Mac iPod are the hard drive formats. The thing is, OS X reads the Windoze format drives just fine, so there is no need to format the drive to a Mac format.

If you want to keep your iPod compatible with Windows you can just continue using your iPod that way and it should work fine. But if you're sure that you're only going to use it on your Mac, you can format the drive to HFS format to avoid any slight problems that *might* occur. The thing is, Windoze can't read HFS format drives, so you can't change it back to the windoze format. But if no problems occur, I suggest keeping it in the Windows format, as there is more a chance you have to use it with a Windoze computer than the iPod giving you problems.



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Nov 17, 2002
yeah, the thing is the OS X implementation of fat32 is not perfect. It works and it is a blessing upon our backs, but it often screws up. I use many computers with many file systems and i thought it would be good to have a firewire fat32 drive since jaguar supports it. continually forced to repair the drive on a pc just so it will mount in os x. and finally os x killed me and i suffered massive data loss on my backup drive! since then hfs+ format and third party software on pc's is a much better solution. don't trust OS X and fat32 to be friends.