Some of the Firefox 3 beta 4 compatible extensions

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    1. by NO means these are THE ONLY compatible extensions. I only went through 350 out of 2000 extensions, and I only pick ones that has general appealing to some users. I might do rest of them later

    2. by NO means these will be THE ONLY compatible extensions, I only chose the ones that are compatible with beta 4 and above, AFAIS, 95% of the extensions are compatible with some versions of firefox 3, which indicates that most extensions WILL be compatible with firefox 3 eventually.

    3. I did NOT check the compatibility of these extensions with firefox 2.

    4. If you already have many extensions you like, goto and check for yourself

    These are the extensions I found (so far) interesting, and compatible with beta 4 or beta5pre text shadow add CSS text shadow support to firefox. oldbar change back the url dropdown list to firefox 2 style. Secure login magic wand button (like in opera) for firefox Quick TransLation in-browser auto pop-up dictionary for selected text search all split browser window for searching with multiple search engine. flagfox show national flag for the website you are visiting save image in folder context menu save different images to pre-configured folders Prism convert webpage to web app faviconTab allow only favicon displaying on tab to save space. TabScope show preview thumbnail when move mouse over a tab extended status bar show extended info at status bar, page loading speed, loaded bytes, # of images in page, % of page loaded etc. Data Analytics DataAnalytics is a Firefox extension that enables importation, manipulation, analysis and graphing of data status bar scientific calculator Image zoom zoom image in page, whichever you want, or all of them url fixer auto fix common typo in url bar QuickProxy status bar switch on/off of proxy Fission progress bar in url bar, like safari, with more colors you can choose. FAYT enable full featured find as you type bar scribefire in-browser blog editor Tree Style Tabs arrange tabs with tree structure, or move tab bar around, or auto hide it. Magic's Video - Downloader yahoo toolbar Fast dial speed dial for firefox, only more places quick restart No Scripts control javascript, java in webpage passwords exporter easily syncing among all your computers firefox showcase thumbnail preview of opened tabs Greasemonkey user define style sheet, javascript, alter webpage as you see fit (plus you know how, or download pre-configured user.js) about icecream Nightly Tester Tool for all non-compatible extensions, this extension fixes the compatibility issue for you (be warned, try not to use TOO ancient, non compatible extensions. This extension isn't magic bullet.)
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    No Adblock ?

    Without Adblock is not even a hint of a list :p. I got the last build and works well with beta 4. Sadly b4 crashes more than 3 :-(

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