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    First I have a MacPro and a 17 older MacBookPro along with the wife's mac mini in the house. I have decided that running MKV video files, reduced to abt 75% by HB, from the old 17 MBP directly into the HDMI on the TV and the optical audio directly into the AVR deliver better SOUND, 5.1 AND actual DTS sound for sure, and I do think better video, then mv4 created by HB at about 75% of the video file, than by going iTunes (mp4), WIFI to the ATV2 and directly connected to the AVR via HDMI does. I know they are the same content in different wrappers with the MKV containing DTS and 5.1 as opposed to DTS being downmixed by the ATV2.

    My question is: I want a computer to act as the media server for HD video being directly into the AVR. I had thought about another MBP 13 but that is very duplicitous of my current equipment. WHICH mac mini will best serve me today and tomorrow, the i5 core or the i7 core with the more extensive graphics. Is the i5 adequate, is the i7 overkill for what I want?
    If the MacPRO ever dies, can the i5 or the i7 do photoshop editing work with 16 or 36g files as a secondary consideration?
    Thanking all in advance for any opinions primarily on the media server aspect and secondly on the photo editing.
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    I have 2 i5 mini's on my tv's in my living room and family room. but got the 8gb crucial upgrade, but that was all. they work flawlessly streaming mkv's thru plex, and get DTS surround on both using just the HDMI.

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