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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by SR71, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Okay, so I've been telling myself to wait for the new rMBP's to come out, but I'm pretty sick of waiting so I'm thinking about getting something else for much cheaper. Keep in mind I have $250 in Best Buy store credit + $100 off as a student discount for a total of $350 off any Mac. On top of that there will be no sales tax

    So, here are the options I've thought of:

    • 2015 12" MacBook (base model) - Price: $999-$350 = $649. (Also can get this open box, excellent condition for $529 after student discount + store credit).

    • 2015 rMBP (base model) - Price: $1299-$350 = $949

    • 2015 MacBook Air (8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) - Price: $999-$350 = $649.
    Those are the options I've thought of so far. Prior to this I was using a 2013 MacBook Air which I had no problems with. I had also used a 2015 MacBook before with no major problems other than somewhat short battery life, but otherwise I loved it.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the 12" MacBook since it's a great value for the money and has a Retina display (which the MacBook Air for the same price does not).

    Alternatively, I can continue to wait for the new rMBP to come out, but these other options are very tempting. Posted this on the MacBook Pro forum to hopefully get answers from both sides to which I will likely be basing my decision off of.
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    If the rMB will meet your needs, I would go that route. Of those listed it's the only one that won't be outdated in 6 months or a year. If the new MBP's are of interest to you, you'd be able to turn around and resell the rMB for a bit of a profit at that price. Not so with the other options.

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